One Bottle


Say hello to the One Bottle! Made of durable material that’s strong enough to be reused over and over, this reusable and refillable bottle is truly the one bottle you’ll ever need.


With a convenient funnel stored in its base, the One Bottle features an easy-to-use design that’s meant to be functional, while looking beautiful on your counter. Whether you’re dispersing your favourite Fresh Mist fragrance, easily covering a large surface area with your All-Purpose Cleaner, or gently relaxing your fabrics with Wrinkle-B-Gone, the One Bottle is perfectly suitable for all Nellie’s liquids. The One Bottle holds 400ml.


With its revolutionary spray nozzle, the One Bottle provides a versatile, ultra-fine continuous mist. Pump it once for a slight mist or three times for a steady spray. Use it with your favourite Nellie’s liquids or just plain, old-fashioned water.


As we move to replace our plastic bottles with glass packaging, we are also eliminating spray nozzles. Why? Most spray nozzles are made up of both plastic and metal pieces – this combination of materials means they can’t be recycled. Our planet doesn’t need any more garbage – the One Bottle is our solution.


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Remove funnel from the base. Twist off spray nozzle head. Use funnel to add liquid into the bottle.

Replace nozzle and funnel. Spray once for a light mist or three times for a continuous spray.



Hand wash only with either Nellie’s One Soap or a distilled vinegar/water solution.


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Nellie's Tip

Use it with Nellie’s Fresh Mist to keep your room smelling great!