Fresh Mist


Fresh Mist is an essential oil spray designed to naturally freshen your room, linens, fabrics, pillows, air & more.

Unlike other essential oil sprays, Fresh Mist is specially formulated without any chemical emulsifiers, meaning you don’t need to shake the bottle before you spray! Most importantly, Fresh Mist is made with only two ingredients: 100% pure essential oils and good old-fashioned water.

Striving to Be Plastic-Free
Glass is endlessly recyclable and eventually turns into sand. Unlike plastic, it won’t harm our oceans or marine life. For the sake of our planet, please reuse or repurpose this bottle before you recycle.


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Where's My Sprayer?

To help eliminate plastic waste, Fresh Mist comes without a spray nozzle. Please consider reusing one from home first, or order one here for free.

Spray & enjoy the moment. No shaking necessary!

100% pure essential oils and water.

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Nellie's Tip

Use Fresh Mist in lavender on your pillows for a good night’s rest & eucalyptus when you’re under the weather!